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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  February 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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your doctor if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, you and your partner have been be with the zika virus is circulating f are you pregnant and partner has been to one of the affected countries, you abstain from sex or use con doms and use them the right way. women who are not pregnant should consider using them again if their partner is at risk. they don't know how long a man may remain infectious but if you have any questions, florida has a hotline to answer them. we have more information on the web site and, linda, we're hearing the cdc added travel advisories to three more places, trin dan, tobago and that is now up to 30 cups. >> thank you it is growing. a bird's eye view of bad driving. video taken by the sarasota red light cameras and it catches close calls, people gunning it through the intersection.
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red light cameras do not work. but anjuli davis is live in tampa with more. it is the controversy that will not quit. >> the cameras have been controversial since they were approved in 2010 in florida. lawmakers say they want them gone, saying the statistics show they are not making a dent with the drivers. >> it is video that is hard to watch. the camera images from the sarasota pd shows a car and a dump truck going through the lights. and dodging traffic before crashing into a parking lot. >> it is a good indication how running can be. police say they have encouraged more drivers. >> we have dropped for the first three, 4 years.
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report from highway safety challenges that notion. it found the total number of accidents increased following the installation of the cameras at intersections. now a bill working its way through the florida house is aiming to shut down the cameras for good. >> in the intersections where the lights are, they have increased. traffic fatalities have increased. >> a house representative, craig stubbe, said the dmv report changed his view. in his home town, accidents increased by 20%. >> it is hard to justification allowing red light cameras when they are not doing what we thought they were supposed to do. >> reporter: the legislation works its way through tallahassee, police say they are on stand by, i don't know the effect. we will do what they feel is the best. >> we heard from american traffic solutions the company that operates the cameras in the
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in a statement they said, quote, despite the best efforts of opponents to spin the results the findings are no different, intersections with red light safety cameras are safer than intersections without. the legislation is moving swiftly through the house but is falling in the senate. live in tampa. >> thank you. and he is only 16 and accused of a shooting at a st. pete hotel that injured two teens. his mother said he didn't do it. she has a lot more to say as well. we have more on that with gloria gomez. >> reporter: the mother of charles jones said they have the wrong kid. >> i'm standing by him. >> it is unwaiverring loyalty, my son is innocent. >> she said her son had nothing to do with it. >> he is a good kid he don't do stuff like.
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take you down, charles jones is only 16 but he is in adult court facing serious charges. >> you have a warrant from policy. attempted murder. >> charles jones add and an 18-year-old were involved in a shooting in st. pete. two teens were shot but will survive, charles jones was arrested but transferred back to pinellas to face the charges. expect his mother to be right by his side, challenging the charges and prosecutors. >> he has to go and find someone to pick on. my son is innocent. >> both students go to armwood high school but they will fight the charges in pinellas. >> back to you. >> thank you for that, gloria. >> 20 people were near a street when shots were fired. someone had to see something. officers were called out to 28th avenue this morning after fired.
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to the hospital with none life threatening injuries. no arrests. officers say there were 20 people in the area at the time. they think someone knows something and they are urging them to give tpd a call. and investigators say it was an unattended cigarette that caught this home on fire in sulfur springs. one man had to be treated for burns a firefighter is recovering from a minor injury. about $29,000 in damage. the search for a new superintendent of schools. now the board is going up against teachers who are demanding more money. earlier this month, the superintendent katherine leroy resigned that she sexually harrassed a subordinate. and we go where the teachers are protesting right now. evan? >> reporter: the teachers are chanting enough is enough. they are demanding a bigger pay raise.
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you can see there are 50 teachers here led by the union. and that is a step, you know how they worked. one step and a half percent pay raise on top of that. that's not enough and the they there are several million apart from what the board wants to give them. 24e want a new superintendent select who had -- they want a new superintendent who understanding the concerns. they will discuss a replacement for katherine leroy. it is a dark cloud over the district and that they want the board to pick someone who knows the district but free of bag ang. this will send a signal what direction the relationship between teachers and administrators is going in. >> aurora environment is the kid's environment. when you say i'm not worth a
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i take what you give me and i pour it back into them f you don't give me what i need to do my job, pay, whether it is support in the classroom,ky not do my job like you want me to. >> reporter: the teachers are planning to go into the meeting that starts here in several minutes. they are planning to go in and make their voices heard. you can see there are 50 of them here outside. the board will select top administrator jackie byrd as a interim superintendent. the teachers are not thrilled about that because of the fact that she is a member of what they call the old regime and that regime has issues and problems right now so they're going to make their voices heard. it should be interesting. we're in bartow tonight, evan axelbank, fox 13 news. big boats need big docks.
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and steve nichols shows us how it is spilling out into the community. >> minutes before selling sail, a parting comment from the captain of the lynx. and the captain spoke to us while tied up. standing on a dock for a yacht. >> a heavy brand new secure dock we can be comfortable and not worry about anything while we're here. >> floating docks that can rise as high as the pilings to bite into the bedroom below. they are designed for boats up to 250 feet long. this is a 145-footer and the cutters are 210s. big boat and big wind load. >> when they are pushing against the docks you want them secure. they are not going anywhere, there are a $3 million addition
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they are a product of the marine tech. as for other components, fresh and wastewater lines, electricalselves, the utilities run inside the dock sections. >> it is a big bet with the expectation of return on investment. it can cost 1 to 2 mildon dollar as year to maintain a boat. >> from divers that go under to clean them to people that do the plumbing work. >> the crews live locally the owners and guests are offered the amenities of downtown a marking marine district is next door. and the lynx, well her crew wants to come back here. in st. pete, steve nichols, fox 13 news. >> st. pete is trying to get into the mega yacht business at the port of st. pete. the disadvantage is that it has no floating docks, a high sea wall. the largest furniture manufacturer is now in business
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ashley center opened a new ecustomers facility. and the mayor and the lightning owner was there. they will employ 200 people. the governor hopes more companies come to florida. >> tampa is doing very well because when you have good elected individuals that care about the community but reducing the taxes and regulation and making this the best place to live in the world. >> ashley furniture has more than 30 locations across the state and employed 600 floridians. still ahead the smoke then the flames. firefighters race to save a family as a gunman opens fire inside. >> keeping this open is contrary >> shutting down gitmo and
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america runs on dunkin'. we're following a developing story in phoenix.. first . a story out of phoenix. look at this first responders. by the time this was over, five family members were dead. >> this is the last thing you want coming apt you when you rub into a building, domestic situation that turned deadly. it was dangerous from the start
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trying to put out a fire there and get the victims inside. weld they're forced to dodge bullets. someone was firing on them from the inside the suspect set the house on fire. and they tried to get them under control. the winds not helping. police had to put on gear so they could go inside. >> five people died, the mayor calling the first respond theres heroes. >> they risked their lives to save members of the family. you had police officers who went in and try to save their lives. >> the gunman was shot. he is related to the victims, a
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that has not been sorted out. his identity not released a 911 caller from the home reported a domestic situation. one officer is being treated for smoke inhalation. no other injuries reported to the first responders. >> thank you, mark. and space x hopes the fourth time will be a charm. it will ladies and launch a falcon 9 rocketed. the attempt in january came close. you may have seen it. the booster came down softly and stuck the landing but a leak gave out. the launch is scheduled for 6:46 tomorrow evening if the weather cooperates. there is a chance of liftoff. >> we hope they're able to make it. tonight i know people up in concern. >> it is marching east.
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set up. and the weather service issued a watch that classified this as a particularly dangerous situation. that includes some of the panhandle back to louisiana, alabama a lot going on. not bad hours. and of distance. a controlled burn over hillsborough and you notice the smoke t is moving from left to right on the tv set. that means we have a strong wind. it will be a player the next couple of days. they are gusty from the south and shift on the backside of the front. the squall line will approach. it's not going to impact us tonight. that's the good thing we had so many severe weather events where it has been 2 a.m. and 5 a.m., this is going to be 9 a.m. through midafternoon initially along our coast. then moving inland it will be approaching a mid-to-late
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winds up to 40 to 60 miles per hour. and maybe a tornado which can't be ruled out. the threat wild be higher north of us. and it may be cold back into the 40s. significant changes on the way. for now, high pressure is east of us, the winds picking up from the south and the southwest all day. if you've been out today, there are changes on the way, you can feel it. and there are changes. very complicated frontal boundary. and all the ingredients are in play for severe weather event. you have strong ent stream which is another -- strong jet stream which is another indication. the winds are whipping from the gulf.
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winds are turning that's shear. most of tonight will be rain free. you have a watch here. this is the one that's being classified as databasing rouse. that's a pds watch. this line, it will go down and maybe the western panhandle damage reported in louisiana and jackson heading to montgomery, lot of this energy will kind of shoot away from us. the trailing front and strong winds should be enough to
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it goes by. a huge cluster produce a warning down by the mouth of the mississippi the delta. a few minutes ago and the winds shift. that's our weather for late tomorrow and tomorrow night. the center has us in yellow. that's deceiving. a slight. not bad. it is any time it is elevated. you talk about a risk you have to watch out they had a moderate risk and high risk in the southern mississippi valley today. you don't see a high risk that often for sure. noon to three from the south. 3 to 6. the storms slide to the south. that's the timing for tomorrow. we put this into motion.
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wind. some of the storms are heavy. and they dramatically cooler and windy for a couple more days. this month will end up on a cool note. we're down into the 60s. storms arriving. a high up to 75. a different way on thursday. mostly sunny, cool, high of only 63. small craft advisory is up. next tide is a low tide. we get through the mess tomorrow. after that, whoa, wow, look at that, 60s. that's like january weather coming up into the weekend. 1, 2, 3 nights in a row with lows in the 40s. linda. >> thank you, paul. her face is black and blue
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the sarasota county is having issues the sheriff's office said verizon is having issues with
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have trouble connecting to 911. some calls are coming through but others may get a busy tone or message f you have a problem call an alternate number. we did post the numbers in the seen on tv section. the 15-year-old boy accused of running down a deputy in orange county will be locked up for the next month. the deputy showed up to court on crutches. holly bristow was there. >> reporter: walking into the justice center with the help of her husband and a crutch, sergeant marcy pierce was upbeat, i got the stitches out. >> reporter: it is obvious she is still in a lot of pain. she is wearing a brace on her wrist and walking with a cast. the scene that left her in the condition is weighing on her mind. >> i was scared for my life. it was going fast.
5:25 pm
trying to run her over with a stolen car. 195-year-old had a goofy look on his face as he walked into the courtroom to face the judge. >> at the state's request he will stay in juvenile detention. the first 21 days are for the charges that he was going to arrest him on last week when they say he slammed on the gas and aimed for her. >> we asked for the nine days the charge a juvenile as an adult is serious, we wanted to make sure we review the documents and go through everything, and we have what we need to make sure he is charged as an adult. >> the deputies in uniform filled more than half the courtroom behind pierce showing their support. she wiped tears as she walked out. >> he tried to till me -- kill
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the president has plans to close the facility in cuba. can donald trump pull off another win. the push for votes. the big star endorsement that bernie sanders picked up. e we're taking a look inside the world of cyber security. it is everyone's business. it is a dirty business.
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between cyber security and president obama wants to close our prison in cuba-- and ship terrorist inmates to the the president wants to close the prison in cuba and bring them to the us craig patrick is here to break down the plan. everyone is reacting, craig. >> this is the start. this is the situation we're holding 100 of the most dangerous terrorists in guantanamo bay prison. he wants to ship 35 of them to prisons in other countries, they have been approved for transfer of the this leaves 60 around 60 considered too bad for any to accept. where do they go.
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them to the united states. obama has not picked a location just yet but we have to close guantanamo bay prison in the interest of safety. that is a stain on our record and that it undermines our values in america because we have kept those inmateless for 15 years with no verdicts. that alone feeds terrorism overseas. >> it is counter productive to the fight against terrorists because they use it as propaganda in the efforts to recruit. it trains resources with 450 million to keep it running. >> you play that out the president said the plan would save overtime $1.7 billion. and it would fulfill a promise
5:31 pm
now it is getting push back. you want to keep the terrorists isolated and kept away as far as possible from citizens. and that our goal is to fight them not accommodate them not in the weeks but the months to come. >> what do you think the chances are that any possibility congress will go with that? >> very slim, you heard from the house and senate they will be hard pressed, they will not court. you have much of the rest of the president's agenda bottled up. the speaker of the house saying this dog will not hunt. he has concerns about the specifics of the plan which are missing so with this do not expect congress to jump on this. the president is limited. tough remember this was
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you know when he had unilateral action they cannot come to the us. >> we know you will follow up. >> no hear nothing vote. that's the message that the senate republicans want to concerning the next nominee. they will not consider anyone the president nominates to replace justice scalia. republicans say it should be the next president. and the majority leader said they will revisit it after the election in november. and the justice passed away two weeks ago. can donald trump make it three in a row? the front run ser the odds on favorite to win the nevada caucus. marco rubio is trying to build momentum. ted cruz nearly came in third place and if he deans do well tonight. it would raise questions about the viability heading into super tuesday next week. the governor is fighting to stay alive.
5:33 pm
his own state. >> it is all in the margin of error. we'll be fine in ohio. we need to have a respectable finish and accumulate delegates. >> and bernie sanders picked up an endorsement from spike lee. he said bernie sanders will dot right thing. two teens have been arrested connection with the assault and robbery of a veteran marine in washington, dc. we showed you the video of the attack on the sergeant. one teen knocks him to the ground as he walks out of a mother's day a second takes his wallet a third beats him. one is charged with assault a girl is charged with robbery. investigators say a third suspect has been identified they have not picked him up yet. we're continuing the week of awareness.
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bay, the gulf. that's why we love living here. it can be dangerous. in the segment, mike bennett explores marine hazards and how to keep yourself safe. >> we know the weather can change. sunny skies and downpours the next. and storms even after that. it's not just the sky the area waters experienced similar even bigger changes whether it is a cold front a storm or just the windy day. the seas can change rapidly. when the potential for storms exists keep an eye to the sky. if you hear thunder or see lightning head for port. if you cannot make it, head below deck or gets a low as possible to avoid being struck. and water spouts they are tornadoes that form over water. they are weaker than tornadoes. they can be destructive and even deadly.
5:35 pm
the spout's movement and seek shelter away from that. before you go boating check the weather forecast f small craft advisories or warnings are in effect. don't try to take your boat out. know the craft's limitations understand the warnings are there for a reason f are you headed to the beach look for the lifeguard stands and understand what the current continues of the water are. risks. they are shallow channels of water that tend to move in the opposite direction of the waves, they can pull you out or be fatal if you panic. the key to surviving them is to remain calm and swim parallel to the shore until you eventually break free. >> never try to swim against it back to shore the current will tire you out and could take you under remember this phrase,
5:36 pm
if you cannot swimming out float or tread water. the tips can save you a marine hazard presents itself. >> up next a new treatment in
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works why the3 the goal of h-i-v treatment is to the goal of hiv treatment is to suppress the virus to undetectable levels. that means medication and several pill as day. dr. jo said there is a new drug
5:39 pm
charlie sheen may be joining the clinical trial. >> i am hiv positive. on the november 17th on the "today" show, charlie sheen sent shock waves through the industry announcing he has been hiv positive for four years. on that day something else happened, research called it the charlie sheen effect. reports about hiv increased 265%. and google searches jumped. since going public he is searching but this time for alternative therapies, including an experimental drug called pro 140. >> how will this change the therapy. >> and it will change the pair adime because it changes the way they think about it. they are reminded daily if they have hiv.
5:40 pm
for seven days. >> the ceo of the company that makes pro 140. he said instead of a pill pro 140 is injected under the skin once a week. >> nothing else in the pipeline. nothing else on the market. nothing else like this? nothing >> to understand how it works think of a airport. the plane is the virus and the gate where it links to the terminal is the docking station on a white blood cell t is the doorway that it must pass through before infecting the cell. and pro 140 blocks the anded other planes can come and go. that targeted blockade keeps system intact and side-effects low. >> no more headaches. >> no more insomnia. >> more research is underway as they fast track the drug. >> are you excited? >> very sometimes i cannot sleep
5:41 pm
this is something that i keeps me up at night. >> now there is another drug on the market that targets the same area on the white blood cell a pill and iv drug. that's in the experimental stages, they hope to get it on the market by 2014. charlie sheen is undergoing testing to see if he can join the trial. that's promising, people are keeping their fingers crossed. could it be used for anything else. >> this is the interesting part. it can be used on graft versus bone. if the marrow is attacking it. pro 140 may help that. that's why the food and drug administration is very interested in fast tracking this and wok on auto immune disease and cancer. they have a patent for cats that the hiv, frv so down the road we
5:42 pm
>> that would would be a big deal for the cat world. , thank you, dr. jo. here is another reason to eat chocolate it could benefit your brain. researchers found those who ate chocolate once a week performed better on cognitive function tests. authors acocoa have elements that improve benefits to the brain. the benefits come from dark chocolate, i didn't need a reason i just do. >> because the rays don't draft home town talent does not mean they will not get it. and a pitch ser coming home. a look at ryan webb and what
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this is what is trending. did you like to take markers and draw on things, markers. >> which ones were those. >> i don't know. >> you i said this is someone else. no one now what an el marco was. >> check that out. whatted toddler she decided to do with her marker. >> what is this? >> an accident. >> a zebra; don't you get it. >> she wanted to make her
5:46 pm
>> i hope that's the mark they're comes off. >> blurring that out. >> she was -- how can you get mad at that. you tape it. >> is that you video playing in the family for many christmases, remember when were you a zebra. >> he want was is on that plate but there you go. sorry guys. because of >> that's mean. down. >> i get dizzy watching that. >> and the first rule if you
5:47 pm
lip syncing where it is obvious that a famous singer from china got busted. >> you will see she slips it. if you can see her singing when the mic is backwards, she is not doing that. >> her outfit is outstanding. >> she pulled it off. >> we cannot fake it. if it is off it is off. some of my best weather casts have been with the mic off and lights off. we have big changes on the way. beautiful there. 76 degrees. and it is tough to believe that the changes that will be on the way a cold front arriving and
5:48 pm
it will be chilly a great view on the bay shore camera to the north. 76 degrees right now y are my maps not moving. >> that's interesting. >> okay. >> and they are not moving. let me go nothing is moving. >> that's a beautiful view, do sports. chip? >> chip can cannot do sports. he has no camera. >> no. >> i don't know why it's not moving. i have to reboot the computer or put another quarter in the machine there you go. >> hangen i got you on that. >> you got a quarter. >> there you go. >> tried it, guess who is leaving. >> we'll keep the meter running.
5:49 pm
into a move when steven stamkos was moved. that's a sign he should stay there. he is on a line and maybe the move is helping callaghan as well. it has been a bonus for stamkos. they moved him to kick the game into gear it didn't work. he can play wing. i don't think he feels that comfortable instinctively at the that's the difference. he has the field for center. >> and i i think that rejuvenated the goal scoring to callaghan which is what we want. , they have been doing a good job.
5:50 pm
>> it is nice to have lines here putting it in the net. >> we know the bay area is loaded with talent. they are loaded with potential. the rays don't draft a lot of them that does not mean they don't appreciate the talent. there have been plenty who came home during their career. we get the story on the latest homecoming. >> after five stops, ryan webb is home. he wears the jersey of the team he cheered for as a kid t is being drafted out of clearwater central catholic. >> it is a dream to play where you grew up. to play for the team that i grow up watching, my family lives in the area, that's a blessing. i could not be more happy. >> as a free agent he had plenty of options he waited to before spring training to decide who he wanted to play for. it's not the reason he put his
5:51 pm
>> i wanted to make it based where i could win. every player said the best years here so for them to want me that was a big thing. we worked out a deal. i'm happy tore here. >> at 30 he brings experience to a bullpen. he will not blow guys away with a fast ball but after working in cleveland kevin cash brought him here to get guys out. he finished last season with the fifth highest ground ball to fly ball ratio. >> it is a dimension we didn't have. it is a grund ball pitcher and as long as that sink ser running, we're good. >> i want to do what i have always done and keep it in the park and hit on the grund. you know use my experiences from the past to help make the bullpen one of the best.
5:52 pm
appreciates being home again. >> i like that story. good to see him on the field. >> yes, my husband is excited. baseball. >> can you taste it. next, a rare discovery a
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. home of the original steakburger. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense.
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forecast. >> and 76 degrees southwest winds at 16. and the next day or so. and we have a couple of showers moving inland today all of this is due to the heating just like summertime and the action now is focused over sections of alabama and mississippi and the panhandle. reports of damage underway in the parishes of louisiana. the winds are increasing in speed. the winds are a factor as the front goes by. even if we don't get tornadoes. i think the overall risk of tornadoes is fairly small. any one of the storms will be able to produce strong down bursts or straight line winds. that's the main threat but a tough night and the line here is producing tornadoes moving just
5:56 pm
sections of mississippi and in mobile. know they move from the gulf. they spin and they produce them in mobile bay. atlanta will have rain and the western panhandle tonight if you have any friends or children are up at fsu tell them to pay attention. there will be a squall line from the west. so our friends up in tallahassee. under the gun or the risk for severe weather. the storm prediction center has us in a risk of weather. 9 a.m. to noon 36789 to 6. the front races by. sea fog tonight. rain is on shore by noon tomorrow. then the frost goes by in a big -- the front goes by in a big, big way. breezy. warm tonight. kind of windy near the coast. down to 70.
5:57 pm
a squall line moving on shore. this goes around during the day and not at night. sunrise at 7:00. a whole different day. mostly sunny and cool can you believe it. 63 for a high. we stay cool into the weekend. i like the 7 day once it is out. looks good. 60s and 70s. 40s and 50s for lows. >> thank you, paul. stocks take a tumble from a drop in oil prices. it is down and 1le 8 -- 188 points. the nasdaq fell and the s&p slid by 24. a delivery at a zoo a gorilla is born via c-section. they realized mom's life was in danger. they are very rare they called in a doctor from a hospital who did the procedure. and the baby was weighing 2 pounds. there. >> ah.
5:58 pm
just fine, both of them, they are adorable >> it is. >> the 6:00 news is next. and tampa is growing by leaps and bounds. another apartment build something going up. this is what it looks like. tonight at 6:00 where it is going and what will be in it.
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6:00 pm
sliding out of the p 3 a thirteen year-old goes on a crime spree in tampa... how he managed to steal a 13-year-old is on a crime spree. how he stole two vans and a bike before he was caught. >> this is tough. >> it is, she is the top scientist. she came to polk county to see if there is a cure for fighting industry. >> i would gasp, you would, too. >> see where this woman found an eagle needing help and how it was rescued. >> welcome tonight, i'm kelly ring. >> and a crime spree brought to


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